About us

General information

AS Hals Trading is a wholesaler and importer of sanitary products. The history of company begins in 1991, when AS Hals started its activities as a foundary in Viljandi, where the company is still situated. AS Hals Trading was founded in 1994 as a wholesaler company, which is specialised in sale and import of sanitary products. AS Hals Trading-T started in1996. The company is located in Tartu and offers service to our coustomers in South Estonia. AS Hals Trading-T is a douhghter company of AS Hals Trading and owned 100% by Hals Trading. Since establishment AS Hals Trading has followed 3 key principles: to supply only the very best products , to satisfie the needs of our customers offering flexible and qualified service and to maintain our market position as an importer and wholesaler.  


AS Hals Trading as an importer represents on the Estonian market a range of producers and trademarks. Our goal is to be an intermediator between different interests and demands. On the one side there are the producer’s interests to offer its goods on the market and the other side the interests and demands of local market for different alternatives. The objective of AS Hals Trading is to fulfill its obligations as a intermediator .  


AS Hals Trading is willing to offer our customers a wide range of high quality products , therefore we have on our product range additionally to the imported goods also goods of local producers and wholesalers. We wish to guarantee product range and services which should satisfie the demands of our clients.